Why You Need A Hoodie Right Now.

Posted by Porsche Palmer on

Admit it; hoodies are one of the coolest fashion statements of all time. Everywhere you turn to, someone is donning a hoodie. The fact is, you probably have a couple of them in your wardrobe right now. You may be pressed to ask “Do I need a couple more hoodies right now?”

The answer is a capital YES, and we here at Social Misfits, are thrilled to announce that we’ve got a truckload of hoodies that are stylishly designed to suit your personality Wear You, Stand Out!

But first things first: why do you need more hoodies at the moment?

Great for exercise.

If you’re a sucker for indoor and outdoor exercises, hoodies are your best bet. For those morning jogs around your neighborhood, yoga, or stretching inside an indoor gym, hoodies are the perfect item for you. Wearing hoodies means you’re going to sweat more, and that’s good for exercise, don’t you think?

If you don’t feel so great about exposing your ‘goods’ when you engage in your workout activities outside, you should get a hoodie. Plus, a hoodie is also suitable clothing to avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

It gives you a sense of belonging.

Hoodies are powerful clothing that gives its owner a sense of belonging. You’d always feel like you’re a part of something bigger when you put on a hoodie—whether for school, college, a company, or for a cause.

A hoodie is a great way to let people around you know what you stand for, and your personal beliefs. Thankfully, we at Social Misfits have a wide variety of hoodies with powerful messages that you can relate and connect to.

They are comfortable.

Hoodies are perhaps one of the most comfortable clothing ever made. You can do anything with it: sleep in it, eat with it, attend social functions with it, or enjoy the evening breeze while you lounge on your porch on cold days.

You can opt to wear many layers underneath or prefer to wear nothing, and no one will notice.

Bring smiles to people’s faces.

Our hoodies do not only come in socially-conscious messages to convey your beliefs, they also include texts that are bound to force a smile out of people’s faces. With all the many ills happening in the world today, we all need a little message to uplift our spirits, and that’s a good thing.


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