Fashion Statements To Slay In This Fall

Posted by Porsche Palmer on

As summer is slowly winding down, fall is slowly creeping upon us all. And there’s no better time to prepare for it than the present. While you make conscious moves to remodel some minute changes in our homes, you can’t afford to pass up an opportunity to revamp your wardrobe with some new clothes.

Then again, with so many options available both online and offline vendors, what fashion choices are going to make a statement?

Let us take that concern off your mind. We at the Social Misfits take pride in the fact that we have a truckload of fashion accessories that are not only beautiful but you’d slay in them.

Below are some selections from our top picks you should check out as you prepare for fall this year.

Outside of the Box Tote Bag.

Need a spacious and stylish bag you can carry around this fall season? We’ve got you covered. Manufactured especially from polyester fabric, this tote bag comes with a powerful text: Think Outside The Box, a message for you to always push yourself and think beyond the accepted norm.

This lovely tote bag is capable enough to carry a maximum load of 44lbs (20kg) efficiently. We take particular care in ensuring that all our products are made from the best quality of materials available. Safe to say, you’re going to enjoy using this bag.

Motherland Tote Bag.

The Motherland Tote Bag is another stylish fashion piece you should add to your cart as you prepare for fall this year. This bag features a timeless engraving of the map of Africa styled out of a black woman.

Africa is home for some of us, and in light of the BLM movement, there’s no better than to connect it and be proud of your Africa-ness. Made with high-quality polyester fabric with dual handles made from natural cotton bull denim.

You’re guaranteed of its durability if you purchase it. On the plus side, you can showcase this lovely bag on your wardrobe for your friends to see it that you collect items that make proud statements that everyone can relate to.

This is a must-buy bag.

Relationship Tees.

If you’re in a relationship, you can go on and make the world know with some T-shirts with some corny captions. Getting stuff you and your significant other can slay in together is one of the spices of life.

Thankfully, we have a massive collection of shirts you and your partner can rock to socially distant events together and have the best of time.


Social Misfits is just not a fashion destination; it’s the very last bus stop. We’ve got everything you’ve to need: from hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts, mugs, bags, hats, and so much more. Have a look at our top picks for today.